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07 March 2011


Hi Adam, Callum is obsessed with wheelie bin trucks and he loves to sit on his granny's windowsill ledge so the he can watch as the bin man passes each day. He gets so excited when he sees him coming or going, and he calls the windowsill his little perch!!



Hi Adam, my favourite place in the world is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia because I can put on my diving suit and snorkel, and swim among the colorful corals and fishes and whales and dolphins and turtles and my favourite of all, the dugongs, which look funny, although they're not as funny as the cowfishes!



Hi Adam, my favourite place in the whole world is the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. I was very lucky to go and see them when I was five years old. They are huge. I wasn't allowed to go inside them to see the tombs as I was too small. It was very hot and the pyramids are built on the edge of the desert. I wore my adventure sun hat and sun glasses. I love alot of things about Egypt and my favourite pharaoh is King Tutankhamun. I have lots of photos of me and my family at the pyramids and I have one trick photo where it looks like I am lifting a pyramid up with my's so cool. I also saw the Sphinx and went to the Cairo museum...the mummies there weren't very nice!! I am looking forward to going to the RDS in April to see the King Tutankhamun expedition.



Hi Adam, my Favourite place in the world is Africa and in Particular Kenya- I have never been there but I spend my evenings after school pouring over all the wildlife books that I have collected. I love reading about the animals and where they live. I would love to visit Kenya with Adam because I know he would love it too and we could have great fun together. Hopefully I will get to go there someday and see the animals in their natural habitat and take lots of Photos to show my friends.



Hi Adam, my favourite place is my mammy's and daddy's bed, each and every night I go to bed in my own bed but each morning I wake up in their bed. I don’t know how it happens but it does! They never wake as I very slowly move from my bedroom to their bed and each morning they ask ""how did you get in here?"" I shrug my shoulders and quietly say ""I don't know"". I think maybe I feel really safe in there beside them!!!!!!

I know there already is a Robbie in the book but you can call me Stephen or Rars as my little sister calls me!"

FROM LORCAN MCGOWAN AGE 8 months    my favourite place is curled up in bed with my little boy first thing in the morning. I stroke his hair as he has his bottle and we share cuddles and kisses.



Hi Adam, My favourite place is CANDY LAND - because everybody is nice and only one person is mean and that’s Lord Licorice. You can travel the path to Peppermint Forest Gumdrop Mountain, Chocolate Swamp and Vanilla Ice-cream Hill the steepest hill in the world topped with a cherry on top and you could even stop and eat it yum yum. My favourite people are Mr. Mint and Gingerbread Man and you can visit the Kings Castle and its full of Candy (yum) and you can swim in the river that is full of chocolate sauce and you can drink it!


FROM SAVANNA TRACEY AGE 4and half years   

Hi Adam, I love to play in my den. I make it with towels, chairs my bed and some pegs. It looks like a tent to everyone else .In here I play with my friends only I can see them  their names are Sara and bell and in here we play for ages and its only for small people as big people wont fit. Hopefully one day I can show you my den and Adam you can meet my friends Sara and bell cos adults can’t see them



Hi Adam, Hana said her favourite place to be is lying on her trampoline with her puppy milly looking at the sky especially at night where she can watch the stars especially the brightest one where her teacher who was a friend died in September 2010 told her if she looked at the sky she would be the brightest star looking down on her this makes the sky a different place to Hana a special place to be. I am proud of Hana's answer I love it I hope you do to, Hana was adopted by myself from Vietnam when she was 10 weeks old a special gift from god.



Hi Adam, Darragh is my grandson and when he comes to visit his favourite place is 'The Summerhouse' where I grew up and played in my childhood days. This is a Beech tree which my Dad trained to grow downwards and it looks like a mushroom and is totally rainproof.  Darragh has a swing and one for his brother Callum, a small blue table and chairs, given to him by his Great Granny, cups saucers teapot and plates and they have picnics there.  It’s a very special place and brings back happy memories to their Mother Sharon also, as she played under the same tree with her sister and brother when they were small."



Hi Adam, my favorite place would to go would be, The Valley of the Kings in Egypt Were King Tut was buried and I Would love the be the one Trying to Crack the code to get into his tomb Maybe with the help of Adams help.



Hi Adam, my favourite place is the bottom of the sea and the swimming pool. Oisin fell into the pool on board a cruise ship before we have even left the port when he was only 2 ...we got such a fright and thought it was a memory he would live with for ever as we do, but thank god it has had no affect on him and he now goes swimming every Sunday with his Dad and grandad. We are all so proud of him. Last Sunday he did 15 lengths of the pool, I know this is very hard to believe but it’s very true, the week before he did12 and says next week it will be 18.


FROM HOLLY  AGE 3 months   

Hi Adam, my favourite place is in my dotty pram, my sisters tuathla (3yrs) & clodagh (2yrs) used to sleep in this dotty pram, and they gave it too me, they loved the dotty pram and so do I, mammy and daddy love the dotty pram too, cos all the baby girls loved to sleep in it, and mammy & daddy love to go for family walks. I am asleep at the moment in my dotty pram dreaming & smiling!



Hi Adam, my favourite place in the whole world is under the old tree in my Nana's garden. It's really big and all the branches flow from the top right down to the ground so that you can't see under it. I sneak in under it and play hide and seek every time my Mammy brings me down to see my Nana. I can play here for hours and it's always really great fun. It's the best place in the world to me.


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