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Benji Bennett

Benji Bennett lives in Dublin with his wife Jackie, whom he adores, and his three children Harry, Robbie and Molly, Adam's brothers and little sister.

Being a bit of a joker with the kids, he has always tried to create many memorable and magical moments his children can cherish forever. But the need to create these magical moments was magnified when his beautiful son, Adam aged 4, died suddenly from a brain tumour on Benji's birthday in 2007.


Two days after Adam became an angel, Jackie and Benji felt the need to deliver a message inspired by Adam about the importance of love laughter and play in the family. To a large congregation of family and friend's on the day they said their last goodbye to Adam, Benji said:

"I spent so much time trying to create magical moments for Adam to remember his childhood with fondness. I never once thought that these memories were actually for me to remember and cherish the short time I had with Adam.

"If every child gets an extra 10 minutes of play time, an extra hug and a kiss and are told that they are loved at the end of each day, well, that's OK."

After Adam's passing Benji immediately began to write bedtime stories to remember Adam and soon after, set up Adam's Cloud to publish and promote Adam's Adventure books and spread his simple message.

The beginning of the journey...

His first book, "Before you sleep" was published on Adam's first year anniversary. With an initial print run of 10,000 books most people thought that Benji had finally lost his mind. However Benji's faith in Adam was not misplaced and the first print run sold out within 6 weeks as "Before you Sleep" became and continues to be, a bestseller.

Word quickly spread about a wonderfully illustrated bedtime story book, filled with love, warmth and adventure. Creating a magical and emotional moment between parents and their children night after night. "Before you Sleep" soon became the only book that thousands of children asked for each night at bedtime.

In 2009 "Before you Sleep" was awarded Book of the Year at the Irish Book Awards 2009. Surrounded by his wife Jackie, and members of his family, Benji delivered Adam's message with an emotional speech to some of the world's finest writers, sports personalities and publishers to which he received a generous standing ovation.

"It was so tense, I needed this so bad for Adam. When my name was called out all I wanted to do was crawl under the table and cry and tell Adam we did it for him, but I had to quickly compose myself to collect the award and make a speech. It really was a moment in our lives that we will never forget and a huge step forward on our journey in coming to terms with Adam's death."

...and the journey continues!

Since then Benji has continued to write and has published four No1 bestselling books in the Adam's Adventure series. He received a further two Irish Book Award nominations for "Adam's World of Wonders" and "Adam's Pirate Treasure."

With sincere appreciation to everyone who has bought and read Adam's books and with the hope of generating more hugs and kisses for children, Benji continues to write and looks forward to the publication of "Adam's Greatest Inventions" in September and "Adam's Spooky Adventure" next year. Benji still acts the maggot more than ever, being sure to never miss the opportunity to make every precious moment count.

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